Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nintendo Sells a DS Every Five Seconds

This fun piece of trivia does more than make you the life of the party when playing "trivial pursuit". It indicates just how popular the Nintendo DS really is. Nintendo claims that they have sold over six million Nintendo DS units in America this year, citing internal estimates. There also seems to be no slowdown of sales in sight. The Nintendo DS is extremely popular to both the casual and hardcore gamer, and Nintendo fully intends to propel that momentum into 2008.

To further increase your trivial pursuit scores, these recent sales figures indicate that the sale of a Nintendo DS happens more than...
  • A bad car accident (those happen once every 14 seconds)
  • A man making a sexual advance on a woman (that happens once every seven seconds)
  • Two or more script kiddies having a "flame war" on internet message boards over the previously mentioned console (which happens once every six seconds).

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