Wednesday, December 12, 2007

AMD’s surprise is a new 2GB FireGL

Since initial launch of the FireGL products a few months back we have been constantly bombarded with the ultimate question – when are you going to do a head to head of the monster memory cards at the top of the scale.

At the ultra High End position this is were really the serious players come into force and items of this calibre have to be spot on, first go! There can not be one slight point of error at this level of the playing field. Last month we clearly stipulated that there was a clear and present danger to Nvidia due to the aggressive pricing and performance that the FireGL cards had brought to the fore. What does todays head to head at the Ultra High End Cards bring; well time will tell as you go through things! What we can say is that it is very good indeed and will have many of you out there wondering what next is to come? Time, Ladies and Gentlemen will tell.

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