Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nehalem quad core TDP is 130W

Intel's next generation native quad core with eight threads aims for 130W TDP (Thermal Design Power) and it is unlikely that Intel can do better than quad core at 45 nanometer. This is a bit better TDP than Core 2 Extreme 9770 that has 136W TDP, or 9775 that will have even higher TDP, closer to 150W.

Pre-announced eight core sixteen thread Nehalem CPU is doomed to wait for the 32 nanometer shrink as it would simply be too big and too hot for 45nm process.

Bloomfield should have a total 8MB cache memory and it fits in a brand new socket, LGA1366.

The CPU is still scheduled for Q4 2008 announcement and we are quite sure that Intel plans to have a big demonstration at IDF in Fall 2008. Until that point 3.2GHz Yorkfield at 45 nm should be the fastest one, but we’ve seen Intel changing its mind far too many times; and it can easily decide to increase the speed of Core 2 Quad, if it feels necessary.

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