Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bought my second car

This is one of the long due blog posts I had in my head to write for some time.
I wanted to change my car to a somewhat modern looking one after using for 2 and half years. Emphasis on the word "somewhat". Basically what I had in my mind was the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy G10 and the Nissan FB15. I had heard from friends that while they are not really economical in terms of fuel consumption, they make up for that fact by being very comfortable.

I use my cars mostly in weekends so I'm not really bothered about fuel consumption. So I started the car hunting in January of 2014 and was able to find the new love in June. I inspected at least 30 cars during that period . Finally what I bought was not what I initially expected though. I was biased towards the 1.8 liter Bluebird Sylphy over the 1.5 liter version simply because it has more power :) . But good specimens were hard to come by, 1.5 liter version was comparatively available. During this time I also checked out few Nissan N16 Sunnys as well. Basically it's the same car as the Bluebird Sylphy G10, albeit with different engine options and different interior trim levels.

Happiness from seeing your reflection on the paint work is one of those little inexplicable things :)

I was finally able to find an N16 Sunny in reasonably good condition for my budget. During this period I was able to seek a new home for my previous car as well. He was a very good colleague of mine. That was a heart warming moment to see you leave your car at someone else's home. On the flip side of the coin, I get to see the car once in a while since the friend lives close by. Wait! I didn't see him for the last couple of months :(

If you are interested in the specs here is a breakdown.

Model: Nissan N16 Sunny Super Saloon
YOM: 2001
Engine capacity : 1600cc (1.6 liter)
Power: 118hp @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 165Nm @ 4000 rpm

By the way only the Super saloon comes with the 1600cc engine, the Ex Saloon comes with the 1500cc engine which is the same engine used in FB15 Sunny. Note that this applies only to the pre-face-lifted N16 only, the face-lifted N16 ( known as N17 in our market) has even 1300cc Super Saloons. :)