Saturday, April 11, 2009

Impressions on Sony Ericsson C902

It’s been a month since I bought my shiny, brand spanking Sony Ericsson C902. I never thought I would caught up with this mobile mania, My K550i (@W610i) wasn’t bad at all, due to some *sweet* reason I decided to buy a new mobile. There were few contenders in my dream list, as I’m aiming for not so high (lol) they were not that expensive or dreamy for most of the guys... he he.

Here are my concerns.

1). Fast UI.
2). Multi tasking capability.
3). Good Camera. (Well! Better than my modded K550i)
4). Good Multimedia capabilities.
5). Can it be modded to my needs. ?
6). Good battery life.
And here are the few contenders.

1). Nokia 6500Slide. (S40 / Lacks Multi tasking: Crap)
2). Nokia 6220Classic. (S60 / Great camera, Multi tasking, el-cheapo look though :-/ )
3). Sony Ericsson K850i. (A200 / Superb Camera, Multi tasking, great look, chubby though :-/ )
4) .Sony Ericsson C902. (A200 / Great camera, Multi tasking, slim sexy spy (lol) look, relatively smallish screen :-/ )

So the C902 finally won my heart and cost me 35K. Hehe.

Here are the pros,
1). Well built very slim metal body.
2). Exceptional, stylish camera slider.
3). 5MP Auto Focus Camera with Face Detection, Geo Tagging ( Saves the accurate location of the photo taken in EXIF information, and can be viewed on a map /flickr yada yada) and all new Photo Flash+ 8 Touch sensitive Camera buttons. (After all it's a CyberShot :-) )

4). Great multimedia capabilities. (Super fast Media manager , handles 5MP pics each about 2MB like nothing)
5). Accelerometer sensor.
6). HSDPA- 3.6Mbps : w00t!
7). One of the best displays of SE : Great sunlight legibility.
8). Smart search for contacts, filter SMS into categories.
9). Track ID Music recognition (It Rocks)
This screen shot is from a live footage of mine. lol (Refer the previous post for full details)

10) .Yeah baby! This (A200) can be modded .. :)
11). Great battery life.

Unfortunately here are the cons,

1). Slower UI compared to my K550i :( (Still C902 wins hands down in media playback)
2). Photo flash is not as powerful as Xenon or as SE suggests.
3). Smallish screen. 2.0” (Coz of 8 Touch sensitive camera buttons around the screen)
4). Distant Night shots are far from perfection due to underpowered LED flash, not a complete disaster either.. lol
5). Display is a Fingerprint magnet

Click to view the full sized image

As you can see there are many reasons to buy this nifty thing though there are few drawbacks as well, who cares ? Nothing is perfect.. lol
As a whole I'm satisfied with SE C902 and recommend to everyone
P.S: On a side note I would like to mention that this is the James Bond's phone in Quantum of Solace :P
Pictures : Courtesy of a 5610XM (Yohan :-) )