Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dual-Core Celeron E1200- Overclocks as Twice

Today I'm gonna unveil you a few details about the new Celeron E1200 (1.6 GHz). Accurately the processor will be available in the market ( this month ),  with wholesale price $53.
Celeron E1200 box

Concrete copy has the marking SLAQW, it is packed in Malaysia on 28 December, 2007.

Celeron E1200

This dual core processor LGA 775 operates at 1.6 GHz frequency , It is equipped with 512 KB cache in the second level, it supports 800 MHz bus, maximum vcore is equal to 1.35 v.

Celeron E1200 overclock

Using the motherboard on base of chipset Intel X38 , this processor overclocks up to 3.2 GHz, which is already twice as the default frequency .

Celeron E1200 overclocked @ 3.2 GHz
The processor is based on M0 stepping , its overclock successes will depend on FSB wall value and motherboard abilities .

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