Wednesday, January 9, 2008

AMD announces that it's still alive

APPARENTLY CONCERNED that the rumours of its demise are premature, AMD has announced something called AMD LIVE!TM

The Sunnyvale, California chipmaker's new branding will cover both hardware and software, AMD said in a statement released today.
AMD LIVE! Ultra stickers will adorn new high-definition media centric desktop and notebook PCs powered by AMD chipsets codenamed "Spider" and "Puma" and running AMD's multi-core Phenom desktop and Turion notebook processors with ATI Radeon graphics. Systems bearing the AMD LIVE! tags are expected from the likes of Acer, Asus, Alienware and other PC OEMs sometime in 2008.
To go along with the new AMD LIVE! Ultra PCs, there will also be the AMD LIVE! Explorer media library software application.
In its press release AMD said, "AMD LIVE!TM Explorer offers an immersive, 3D approach to browsing a PC's complete digital media library while also enjoying a video, TV program or Internet access in the same window."
Yay, AMD lives!
That's great and all, AMD. But all your fans will be a lot happier if you'll get back on the stick and turn out some seriously faster and more powerful CPUs

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