Saturday, January 12, 2008

AMD RS780 on 23 Jan 2008-for China only

AMD will officially announce the new DX10 IGP on 23rd Jan 2008. To all international readers, this is a bad move by AMD as the launch is only for the China.

Boards will go on sale right after 23rd while other regions in the world will have to wait for an official launch at CeBIT 2008 on 5 March 2008.

Although AMD is set to launch on 23rd Jan in China, drivers supporting the Hybrid CrossFire (they call it Hybrid graphics technology) driver will not be ready. It is said that the driver will be available as early as FEB or MARCH.

It is also speculated that the product will have a name Radeon HD 3250 (unconfirmed), as it is to be paired up with cards namely the Radeon HD 3450 and HD3470 for best DX10 experience in Hybrid CrossFire.

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