Friday, December 5, 2008

Overclocked VGA Killed my LCD Monitor ? ! ? LOL

Ok fellas! This is an utter weird thing that happened to me few days back.As you have seen on the previous post  I'm gaming on an EVGA 9800GT (EVGA 512-P3-N975-AR).
Core @ 695 and Mem @ 950 (1900). Furmark - 50 minutes stable. I fired up Crysis since I'm bored to death over FarCry2, played it like an hour and suddenly the system crashed with red artifacts (This has happened early when I was 700 on core, so I lowered it to 695 and it was stable with furmark)
I didn't restart the PC and just switched it off from the UPS and went to bed

My Display is Samsung SyncMaster 943NWX (19" Wide)

On the next day when I switched on the PC the LCD gave me an excessive RED tone, Boot Logo of my mobo (Foxconn) which is White was also RED, at the same time I noticed the Monitor displayed an OSD message saying you are not running the native resolution 1440x900.... (Can't remember it correctly). The PC booted up normally but everything was in excessive red,I did reset the LCD to factory defaults but with no luck . I even checked it with the Onboard VGA to make sure the culprit isn't my 9800GT, so the onboard VGA gave the same RED, So its a case with the LCD panel, and I noticed the OSD of the Monitor works perfectly without any color issue, even the "Check Cable" warning is perfect.

RAMDAC runs on it's own clock and doesn't get affected by the Core clock, but the over heated PCB may have caused the RAMDAC to send a weird signal to the LCD panel and busted it.. That's the only explanation I can provide now.. Anyway I got the LCD RMAed, Was on TV for 12 days,

So if you guys are in to Overclocking make sure to keep an eye on the PCB temp as well, In my case I couldn't monitor it while gaming , since the EVGA Precision tool only displays GPU temps on OSD..


Chanaka said...


So, in order to get little bit of extra performance you killed your LCD ! That's Funny. What were you thinking man !!

GayanNR said...

That was totally out of my sense dude! and it was totally impossible, that's why i mentioned it as "Utter weird" :D
And when it comes to Crysis an extra 5FPS is worth it... lol