Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally I own a Cybershot-Walkman phone.. lol.. Flashed my K550i to a W610i

Oki doki fellas.. I used to have a Sony Ericsson K550i Cybershot branded phone.. I'm pretty darn sure that you have heard of flashing mobile phones.. K550i is a very popular mobile phone among mobile users which can be flashed to W610i ..
I followed this article and successfully flashed my phone to a W610i
And it didn't take much long..

Now it features Walkman 2.0 player and MEGA-BASS equalizer preset which I was drooling over for months.. :P
Also it supports Flash Lite based Themes (eye candies lol :D).
And I flashed the Camera driver of my phone to a modded (high FPS Video recording) camera driver (chris's v2.4 driver)..
Will check the picture and Video quality once I get time...... :-)


ravinsp said...

That's great man! Good experience u've got.

Chanaka said...

Well I did this to my w810i 10 months ago ! Just update startup and shutdown screens, Flash themes, RaKisTa™_MonsterBass audio drivers and R4DB005 Firmware. Looking good amoung other w810i's. Have to try for the walkman 2.0 update ;)

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GayanNR said...

Well. Sony Ericsson people didn't provide drivers for Vista64 for a long time so I had to wait a long time, finally fed up with it and did this at
anyway I'm not much confident about Chanaka's walkman 2.0 update since the audio hardware is different.. in my case the W610 and K550 is the same hardware with different firmware .. gonna try out w880 acoustics..
P.S. I'm still a n00b to this phone modding..