Friday, September 12, 2008

Dual-core Atom comes on September 21st

ImageTo sell for $43

Intel is listing Dual-core Atom 330 with 1.6GHz core clock, 1MB cache and FSB 533 with a wholesale price of $43. Moreover, it plans to start selling this CPU on September 21st.

A few Intel documents have indicated that dual-core Atoms are planned for Q3 introduction and availability, but so far we haven’t seen a single one available, not to mention the fact that most single-core Atoms are facing a serious backorder situation.

We were informed by many of our sources that single-core Atom will remain in very limited supply, especially on the mobile side through most of Q4 2008; and they don’t expect the situation to get better.

From a manufacturing point of view, the dual-core Atom is nothing much more than two single-core chips stitched in the same packaging. Single-core Atom is selling for a wholesale price of $29, and as you can see, Intel can make more money by selling two single chips than a single dual.

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