Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Nehalems have 130W TDP


2.6, 2.93 and 3.2GHz

It was
rather interesting to notice that all Nehalem chips have the same 130W TDP. Either this is a typo in Intel's official documents that we've seen, or it means that 3.2GHz, which is 600MHz faster than 2.6GHz Nehalem, will have the same TDP.

We've seen the same numbers before, which might indicate that these are the real numbers. We know that even 2.93GHz Nehalem can easily hit over 4GHz with air-cooling, which indicates that there is still enough room for some overclocking in this chip.

Nehalem is probably the best chip that Intel ever engineered, even if it's a heavily improved Core 2 architecture, but it looks that it works well. November should be the time when you should be able to buy one.  

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