Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AMD is going to introduce Bobcat CPU completely in November

AMD new CEO Dirk Meryer currently said they will announce the details of the super low power consumption CPU in November technology conference.
Though Dirk Meryer didnt say the CPU name and details, we believe it is Bobcat. It is said the Bobcat is 64bit single core CPU, 812pin BGA, 27mmx27mm and it supports 16 channel 800MHz HyperTransport. It integrated memory controller to support DDR2-400 single channel DIMM/SODIMM. It is about 1GHz clock, 2×64KB L1 cache, 256KB L2cache and the power consumption of CPU and Northbridge chip is 8W.
Intel Atom N270 is 2.5W but added the Northbridge power consumption, it will be 8.5W.
Dirk Meryer confirmed that AMD 45nm technology goes well and in fact they have tried to produce at the end of last quarter and they will mass produce in next quarter.
In addition, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said Atom will face to low price Netbook and Nettopo and it wont replace Celeron series.

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