Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Phenom 9950 to dissipate 140W

We’ve learned that soon-to-launch Phenom 9950 will dissipate 140W. The motherboard manufacturers are currently testing their boards to see if they can take it, but most of the boards that can cope with 125W will be able to take care of 140W.

Once you overclock your 125W TDB Phenom 9850 your TDP jumps up anyway, and the board that will let Phenom 9850 overclock will also take good care of Phenom 9950.

Phenom 9950 will be the last quad-core consumer CPU with the highest clock manufactured in 65nm and the next step will come as soon as AMD gets the 45nm parts ready.

As we reported previously, the 45nm Deneb and later Propus quad-cores are aiming for 2.8GHz and faster speeds, but don’t be surprised if you see K10.5 Deneb at some lower frequencies, as with 45nm AMD should get much better TDP than with its current 65nm Phenom parts.

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