Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nvidia's VP says the CPU is dead


Nvidia's CEO goes frontal against Intel

There are no more lies and no more cold war between Intel and Nvidia. Surprisingly, Nvidia just started a full-scale frontal attack on the biggest semiconductor company in the world that we all know as Intel.

Nvidia’s fearsome Jensen Huang, the CEO of the company (also known as the Borg queen), told analysts during its recent analyst days that, “Intel is false. They have crossed the line, they're saying false things."

Huang continued with the following, "They (Intel) said Nvidia is going to be dead. Their graphics are good, but we'll put graphics into the CPU and there is no place for them to stick it." He went on to compare Intel’s current Core 2 platform with the next-gen processors and said that it would be “nothing else but putting more transistors [on it] instead of thinking of a solution.”

"People don't buy Nvidia products because they have to, because they're allowed to. They buy our stuff because they want to. They're overwhelmed by the value and the benefit we bring," Huang noted.

"This team [Nvidia] is like a Ferrari team. We know how to bring visual technology to life. We bring 20-30-40x the performance advantage and 27x the price/performance ratio". Even if Intel was able to deliver a 10-fold performance increase, the company would still not be able to reach catch up with Nvidia and AMD in the discrete space, Huang said.

Jensen is known as a very passionate, brilliant and arrogant guy but going against Intel on a frontal full scale might be the worst thing that they ever decided. Nvidia went from close to $40 to current $19.88 which means that the company has to do something to fix this but this is simply too much.

In addition to this super ultra bold comments from Nvidia’s CEO, Nvidia’s Vice President also commented to some of its customers that “the war has just started that will likely be written about for years and which will affect everyone who owns a PC. Everyone.”

He continues “Basically the CPU is dead. Yes, that processor you see advertised everywhere from Intel. It runs out of steam. The fact is that it no longer makes anything run faster. You don’t need a fast one anymore. ”

He also says that Intel is panicking and that AMD is in trouble because you don’t need faster CPUs. Last time we checked AMD was in trouble for being incredibly late with K10 and for the bug that ruined its sales of heavily under clocked CPUs, but maybe Nvidia knows better.

Nvidia believes that Intel attacks Nvidia because it is panicking, as Nvidia has a chip that it calls GPU that needs to be faster and faster. We agree faster GPUs will run games faster and get more details and life like stuff but you still needs a CPU and many other chips in order to make the GPU work and perform.

There will be more let us just gather a few more things about this first attack. I am sure that Intel works hard on its counterattack and it probably won’t take any prisoners.

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