Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Deneb 45nm K10.5 works just fine


Samples up and running

AMD has samples of K10.5 quad core codenamed Deneb for some time now and the big customers such as HP and Dell have already seen this baby.
It looks promising and it works, but this doesn’t mean that the production will go flawlessly. The first samples of K10 were finished in December 2006 and it didn’t help AMD solve the problems that occurred at launch in September 2007.
Intel's Nehalem is also taped out in some point in August 2007 but it doesn’t mean that Nehalem will be on schedule and executed flawlessly either, but it is more likely to happen. For AMD’s sake, we hope that Deneb 45nm K10.5 will come in early second half of 2008 and that it will work well as the company needs a big comeback in the CPU arena.
Deneb is the hope that can get K10 based marchitecture to over 3.0GHz and this the least AMD needs to compete with Intel’s Core 2 Extreme quad core generation.

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