Saturday, February 2, 2008

AMD 790GX chipset to replace discrete chipsets

AMD 790GX chipset to replace discrete chipsets? With integrated graphics support and CrossFire X support. We presume ATX boards with 2 PCIe full length slots with capabilities of CrossFire X (PCIe x 8 x2) and Hybrid CrossFire. It is said that it is capable of doing 3 way CFX using the on board 2*8 CF + UMA. Below is a description of the AMD 790GX aka RS780D.

Just when AMD 780G is selling like hot cakes in China, there is news of yet another chipset from AMD. This new chipset is known as AMD 790GX. Ths new 790GX chipset, also known as RS780D is integrated with Radeon HD 3300 graphics.

The AMD 790GX Chipset redefines 3D gaming on a mainstream PC. Enable ATI CrossFireX™ to enhance your gaming performance when playing the latest 3D games. The AMD 790GX Chipset is a gaming machine at an incredible value.

Experience AMD’s innovative ATI™ Hybrid graphics technology for scalable gaming action. Transform your gameplay with ATI CrossFireX™ powering two ATI Radeon™ graphics cards or plug in one graphics card to allow the AMD 790GX Chipset to boost your performance.

The AMD 790GX Chipset allows you to immerse yourself in a full HD cinematic experience at home while enabling a quiet entertainment PC. Enjoy more vibrant colors and lifelike picture quality with ATI Avivo™ HD. Get a full HD experience on your computer at an irresistible value.

The AMD 790G Chipset lets you connect to a wide range of the latest HD panels by supporting numerous display technologies. Take advantage of ATI SurroundView™ technology to support up to six monitors when you plug in two Radeon™ graphics cards. The 790G Chipset lets you attach your PC effortlessly to a myriad of storage and entertainment devices for a better user experience.

Be amazed by fast download times when storing, accessing and sharing digital data. Personalize your PC experience with AMD OverDrive™. Get state-of-the-art overclocking**, along with advanced system monitoring and amazing control options. With settings for novice to enthusiast users—tune your system easily, in real time.

ASIC Name Chipset Marketing Name
Chipset Brand Graphics Brand
RS780D AMD 790GX Chipset ATI Radeon™ HD 3300 graphics
RS780 AMD 780G Chipset ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 graphics
RS780C AMD 780V Chipset ATI Radeon™ 3100 graphics
RS740 AMD 740G Chipset ATI Radeon™ 2100 graphics

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