Monday, September 27, 2010

From Dumbphone to Smartphone =)

I have been using dumb-phones for around 6 years. They were alright for my day to day needs, not that I didn't miss some features time to time. But they were simple and reliable companions. Then I came across a Samsung i900 Omnia , not as the primary phone though. IMO it wasn't much reliable for my day to day work, battery backup was bad, Sound quality was not up to my standards, Touch screen was an abomination >_<, and not to mention I hated Windows Mobile 6.5 with that resistive touch screen.

My C902 was almost 18 months old (Still rocking) and I wanted a change, Something reliable with good feature set and something "Smart" xD. So it was either Symbian or Android, I had already ditched WinMo after the bad experience with the i900. Funny thing is I always tend to forget iOS as a smart phone OS (You know what I mean :P ).
Symbian is stable and has a lots of applications but at the same time the UI is boring + old skool. Not to mention more and more developers are abandoning the Symbian ship.

I went ahead and bought an Xperia X10 Mini, teh cheapest and smallest Android device on earth. I must tell you, it's an Eagle in a Parrot's clothing, don't be deceived by the looks. The little thing sports a Qualcomm MSM 7227 600MHz CPU, 256MB Ram (128MB user accessible), and all the bells and whistles you could think of, got a pretty decent camera, and heck it's even got the same Adreno 200 GPU as it's big brother Snapdragon Q8250 (as far as my research is correct). UI is very fast, animations are smooth, capacitive touch screen is a treat to use, and since this thing is small (2.6 inch touch screen) it doesn't draw unnecessary attention when I'm travelling in the Bus :D. On the first day I took it to the office most of my office friends asked me "How do I open the slider ? or the Qwerty Keyboard", LOL

In the next post I will upload some of the cool apps I use.
and BTW here is the link for the Phone specs :)


Tharaka Devinda said...

Yeah dude. SE way...!! Once an SE always an SE I guess. I ditched the idea of getting the Galaxy S for ever. I'm now aiming at the X10. If that goes off target, I might end up in your small dinghy boat! ;)

GayanNR said...

hehe,yeah machan. I have never been dissapointed with SE..
ado me X10 ekanam ubala loku wadie kollo, matath tikak lokui wage. LOL

Anusha said...

hehe. isn't the screen too small for an on-screen keyboard?

GayanNR said...

Of course :D
I think that's why they don't ship it with a Qwerty keyboard, Just the Multi-tap keyboard. Anyways there are tons of Keyboards on the Android market, ThickButtons being my favorite xD

ගයන්ත said...


iOS >_< no idea on that, but iPhone (hardware) is so fragile (saw some pix of iPhone 4).. =/

anyway, my next phone will be Android based one.. lol. it won't be mini X10 though.. =D

broc said...

Cool. I am holding off getting 1 until we get a free wireless plan from Google that's supported by advertising...