Monday, February 2, 2009

Does your HSPA modem heat up ?

Long time no see ? lol
OK, I made up my mind buying the Dialog HSPA Uni student package on the day before yesterday.. It is pretty much fast despite the fact that I have very low signal reception at my home. Even when the signal strength was 20% I got around 200-220KBps with IDM.
One thing I noticed was this teenie weenie modem (Huawei E220) heats up pretty much. Even though it may not be a problem for this I thought to add some sort of a heatsink to this. So I grabbed my old dead (sob sob) ASUS P4PE2-X mobo off my junk yard (lol) and removed the Northbridge heatsink, and placed the modem on the heatsink as this, (Edit:: The Heatsink is replaced with up side down now. There was a rubber substance on the Heat sink spreader so till I remove it using some chemicals I had to use it like this)

Although this is a very inefficient method (surfaces are barely touched) I noticed some considerable amount of heat level drops off the modem.
Here is a little video clip to show you how does it look like ( Sorry for the lower frame rate as the blogger has encoded it with a low frame rate)



ravinsp said...

he he! Nice innovative idea. (funny too!)

(I'd better place my iPhone like this after playing games!)

Devild said...

machan i think u shuld put heatsink on the modem. coz as we all knw that normaly heat goes up ryt?? so putting heatsink on the modem u will get much better result i think.

Akila DJ said...
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Akila DJ said...

The thick flat area of the heat sink should be connected/touched with the modem. And the heat sink should be mounted on the modem. Here mounting on the modem is more important since poorly connected heat sink does not absorb heat via conduction properly, so the combination of convection+conduction (with radiation) is important. And the convection current goes up...

Madhawa Madhusanka said...

JNP (Wimal) add ekakuth daala neda :)