Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Installed Sinhala on Android

Ok, This is a straightforward simple process. But your android handset must be rooted to change anything in your system folders. I used one click root method aka UniversalAndroot to root my X10Mini. (Get it from here)

Then you can use a file manager tool to explore your system files. Make sure your file manager has gotten root permission. You can check apps' root permission using Superuser permissions app (This is a part of the UniversalAndroot app and will be installed automatically when you install UniversalAndroot app).

I used this tool called Root explorer (Get it from here). First you have to mount the file system allowing Read/Write operations. You can simply do this by tapping this "Mount R/W" button.

Grant read/write permission to  /system/fonts folder. 

Then you have to rename or backup your existing DroidSansFallback.ttf in /system/fonts and copy this new DroidSansFallback.ttf (Get it from here)  to /system/fonts. Now you are done. See! That was very easy! Not as easy as installing on Sony Ericsson A200 platform though :D

I believe the author of the above (right)  facebook status wouldn't mind me using it :P


Thusitha Hettige said...

කෝ මගෙ copyrights!?? ;ඕ

Anonymous said...

this sounds cool.. umm.. but will I need sinhala for my phone..

බුද්ධික said...

it seems that UniversalAndroot is no working with my X8

බුද්ධික said...

I rooted as on this tutorial,just one click

and followed your tutorial & installed sinhala font

thanks a lot bro for the info

GayanNR said...


UniversalAndroot is not working for the newer firmware versions.
Nice that got installed sinhala :D :D

Mmr said...

Works perfectly, thank you very much

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Installed on Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i) and working fine.

Please refer this link to unlock your Xepria Mini Pro (SK17i)

and also I had to download and installed root explorer 2.15
(Please refer below link for root explorer 2.15 -

after that followed Gayans steps, Thank you very much Gayan !

Deep said...

it's not working with my xperia x10i... :'( :'( :'(